Arduino range to midi sensor

Arduino Range to Midi sensor - Long Exposure

Another of the projects I’ve been working on for the maker faire is something a little simpler than the laser harp – a range sensor that converts a detected distance to midi messages. These messages are usually control change messages, used for adjusting different effects and filters in music software, although I have programmed a version that transmits midi notes (which is a little like using a theremin).

Here I’m using the Sharp 2YOAO2 range sensor (available here) and an Arduino. The reason you can see two range sensors was that my initial design involved using two range sensors, although I quickly decided using two was unnecessary, so only one is active.

The LED you can see shining is just to give a visual indication of (approximately) where the sensor’s beam is – which spreads out in a 20 degree cone and is sensitive 20cm to 150cm from the detector.

More pictures below, including some of my messy wiring and glue gun gluing.

Arduino Range to Midi sensor

Arduino Range to Midi sensorArduino Range to Midi sensor


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