Weird CC Converter in Processing

I’ve been working with MIDI and processing recently, but this week I’ve been taking a look specifically at CC messages. These are used to send control information, usually for audio effects.

I came up with a little sketch in processing that converts CC messages that describe physical properties of a system to an output that describes positions of points when affected by those conditions. A video will explain all that a lot more clearly (perhaps):

So, to explain in a little more detail, you can send 7 different CC messages that control various aspects of the physics of the environment – they’re listed on the faders at the bottom of the video.

The output is simply the X and Y positions of the 4 points – 8 messages in total, that you can assign to whatever you like in your DAW software. It’s an interesting way to explore lots of different effects at once, although the output is (not surprisingly) fairly abstract and hard to predict. But I like that kind of thing.

Another video below.


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