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I fill my spare time playing and recording music, and building things to amuse myself.

Website Migration

I’ve decided to upgrade! I’m moving my blog to I’ll leave this blog page up for a while (maybe a year or so), but any new posts will be at the new site. Chris. Advertisements

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Laser Cut Halftones

So, I’ve spent a lot of time on this project, which I started in February. I’ll make this post a short one, however. I wrote a processing program that converts images into .svg files suitable for our hackspace laser cutter, … Continue reading

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2014, 2015, and Dub Sirens

Well, it’s been nearly a year since my last post – good grief. Rest assured, I was busy with projects throughout 2014 – I simply didn’t get the chance (or sometimes inclination) to blog about them. As I’ve said before, … Continue reading

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Laser Harps: A Quick Arduino Instructable

I frequently get emails asking for schematics and code for the laser harps I’ve made. For the record; I don’t mind this at all, but I always feel a little guilty when sending out the information I have – it’s … Continue reading

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Crogmatron Mk 1

So I’ve been working on a new instrument recently, currently nicknamed the “Crogmatron”. It’s an array of 5 range sensors with LEDs that provide visual feedback, and it sends MIDI notes and CC messages depending on how you use it. … Continue reading

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Spherical Range Detector

Hi all! It’s been a while – but I’ve been busy with a few more midi projects. With this year’s Manchester Mini Maker Faire approaching, I decided to begin making more devices that will be fun to use, visually as … Continue reading

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Weird CC Converter in Processing

I’ve been working with MIDI and processing recently, but this week I’ve been taking a look specifically at CC messages. These are used to send control information, usually for audio effects. I came up with a little sketch in processing … Continue reading

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MIDI Visualisations in Processing

I’ve been working on a few MIDI-based programs in Processing recently, a couple of which are MIDI visualisers. These are programs that create a visual display based on the output from a midi file (similar to those seen at: … Continue reading

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Laser Harp MkIII

Hi everyone! It’s been a while (as I promised). The third prototype Laser Harp is now complete! The main changes are: -It’s bigger (20% larger) -More buttons! I’ve used one of these ( Mostly these are used to control key … Continue reading

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Arduino Meetup

Any recent visitors to my blog might have noticed that it is lacking in recent posts. I want to reassure you that I haven’t lost momentum – just in blogging. I’m not in the habit of recording everything that I … Continue reading

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